Organisation of Understanding & Fraternity

The Organisation of Understanding and Fraternity (OUF) aims at helping people and promoting communal harmony and national integration. Founded in 1982 by Shri Sanjay Dalmia, the organisation has attracted several eminent people from various fields like art, culture, industry and social work towards its cause. The organization is quite active in working for the economically weaker sections of the society, as well as in organizing various events and seminars for the promotion of communal harmony and solidarity.

In the year 1982, OUF started Ramkrishna Jaidayal Harmony Awards. The awards were instituted with the aim of honoring those journalists who have served the cause of national integration and played a significant role in promoting the spirit of fraternity and understanding among various sections of society. The awardees are selected by a panel of judges after an extensive study of their contribution towards the cause. Some of the most prominent awardees are Reverend Mother Teresa, His Holiness The Dalai Lama and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

OUF has orchestrated several theatrical events which include mythological recital and puppet shows, folk and traditional plays with sound and light depiction, highlighting the heroic role of leaders required for achieving national integration. The organization has also been associated with marches to spread awareness for harmony and integrity, and publishing literature to benefit the new generation by instilling a sense of unity, integrity and patriotism in them.

Seminars on various topics such as ‘Legacy of Indira Gandhi’, ‘Cooperative Federalism – its problems and prospects’, ‘Peace in Asia, Peace in the World’, ‘Issues before non-aligned summit’, ‘Threat to democracy’, ‘Communion and Conflict’ and ‘Role of intellectuals in National Integration’ have also been organized by OUF. A seminar on ‘Indo-Pak Amity’ brought intellectuals from both the countries on the same platform. Bringing thinkers from across the border was a remarkable initiative, and was appreciated in both the countries.

Moved by the plight of mentally challenged children in India, OUF has focused its attention towards helping them by founding a new division, ‘Masoom’, in 2001, to make a significant difference to this group. ‘Masoom’ is a school for training under-privileged mentally challenged children, with the primary aim of supporting the special children who were often seen as a burden by their own parents.