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Ace industrialist Sanjay Dalmia requires no introduction. The renowned businessperson has attracted the attention of investors and corporate analysts for the scale of his expertise and innovation in business. Actively associated with notable trade communions like FICCI and PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Mr Dalmia has also served as a Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha).

Mr Sanjay Dalmia has expertise in various industries that include information technology, telecommunication, soda ash, textiles, finance & investment, synthetic fibers and health care products. His publicly-traded multinational company GHCL Limited is the cynosure of international media due to the massive success the company has been gathering.

For the uninitiated, GHCL Limited is headquartered in India, and is backed up by a strong workforce of about 7,000 employees across Asia, Europe, Cambodia and the US. Over the years, the company has emerged as a global leader in three industries, namely chemicals, textiles and information technology outsourcing. Soda ash is one of the company’s key products, and is produced at ‘state of the art’ manufacturing units in India and Romania.

During his latest interview with Fiber2Fashion.com, a leading textile community, Mr Sanjay Dalmia revealed that one of the most memorable moments of his journey at GHCL Limited has been the takeover of the Rosebys. “The GHCL Team and Rosebys team spent two whole days in brainstorming sessions to develop new standards and concepts in the UK retail market,” reminisces GHCL Chaiman Mr Dalmia.

He further revealed, “Our agenda was to develop a solid strategy to expand the UK management’s thinking towards creating replicable business model in retail and take Rosebys to the international market and consumers.”

Rosebys, a leading retail chain in the UK, had been hit by recession, and was acquired by Mr Sanjay Dalmia’s GHCL Limited in the year 2006.

A philanthropist at heart, Mr Sanjay Dalmia religiously follows the dictum of leadership through quality. The same is reflected through the operations of his company GHCL Limited. According to him, ‘leadership through quality’ holds a broader meaning for his group.

“The top management tries to create leadership abilities in the subordinates, and aims at empowering future leaders to challenge conventional thinking,” said Mr Dalmia.

He added, “Leadership through quality in GHCL is about creating new standards that can be replicated at front level operations to deliver best quality products and solutions, and a holistic environment to customers and other stake holders daily.”

Mr Dalmia, being the Chairman of the GHCL Group, aims to take his companies’ repute across the seas. He firmly believes that Indian business leaders can achieve a lot more across the globe, given that they follow right acquisition strategies.

Mr Sanjay Dalmia has proved his mettle in acquisition. His three most recent acquisitions – Dan River, Rosebys and Best & Baker have made GHCL Limited the world’s first company to have integrated fiber and fashion under one umbrella. From a new business entrant with revenue of a mere $49 million, to a global leader with revenues massing to $700 million, Sanjay Dalmia’s GHCL Limited has surely made one heck of a journey.

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